Siva Yogaswami Thiruvaddy Nilayam is doing a yeomen service to the people of this area. The building is open morning and evening everyday for people to practice meditation. Every Friday evening a prayer meeting is conducted and purama study is organized during special occasions. 


About Siva Yogaswami

Siva Yogaswami was perhaps supreme among the Sages and Gurus who lived (1872-1964) in Sri Lanka during the last century. The Guru tattuva - Guru principle, is the tap root which has sustained Sanathana Dharma the Hindu Religion. To this day the subtle energy of Siva Yogaswami’s holy, dynamic personality continues to elevate the spiritual consciousness of people not only in Sri Lanka but it many other parts of the world too.

Yogaswami was born in the Jaffna peninsula. Yogaswami’s spiritual life was moulded by Satguru Chellappaswami, whom he met at the Nallur temple premises. Satguru Chellappaswami lived in an era when the people in Ceylon faced social and religious upheavals due to foreign subjugation. The Satguru being an embodiment of grace inspired his disciple Yogaswami to live up to the spiritual truths expounding the religious, social and cultural heritage of the forefathers to the common people there.

Yogaswami travelled widely through the whole of Sri Lanka wherever his devotees lived. There was not a place left in Jaffna which has not been touched by his holy feet. His influence steeped into every field of life, giving solace and succour to the souls in distress and despair. He infused faith and led people to lead a spiritual life.

About Siva yogaswami trust SRI LANKA

His devoted disciples inspired by his life and message dedicated themselves to foster his mission.  With donations and support of devotees and well-wishers, they established religious centres not only in Sri Lanka but in many parts of the world too. Dedicated disciples continue to practice his precepts and perpetuate his spiritual message through these centres. Though Siva Yogaswami’s bodily presence is no more this divine energy and grace embedded in these centres emit spiritual vibrations benefitting all those who seek it. The donations and participation of the well-wishers help to maintain these centres and activities.

Siva Yogaswami Trust of Sri Lanka, Colombo was constituted in 1993. It was inspired to establish a centre ‘ Siva Yogaswami Thiruvadi Nilayam,’ at 53. Vivekananda Rd, Colombo – 6, in 2016.  With the liberal contribution of Yogaswami’s devotees the building came up to be a reality. Satguru Bodhinatha Velanswami, the Jagadacharya of Kauai Adheenam, Hawaii, USA , whose lineage is traced  to Parama Guru, declared this this centre open.

This centre  with the help and donations from well-wishers is maintained for spiritual, devotional and humanitarian activity. The nucleus of its activities rests on Siva Yogaswami’s  teachings which embrace all the yogas. The twin ideas emphasised and propagated by Swami for the realization of one’s own Self and for the wellbeing of the world was renunciation and service. The emphasis is on Sivadhynam and Sivathondu.   Sivadhynam   covers  meditation ,singing devotional lyrics, specially  Natchintanai – ‘  good thoughts’. Natchintanai flowed from Swami spontaneously and were written down by those who happened to be present there.   Siva is God, Thondu means selfless service done by becoming an instrument in the hands of the Divine. Every act from the grandest to the most trivial becomes a sacred a rite. Swami made religion practical by bringing the idea of service to mankind by applying the dictum ‘service of mankind is worship of God.’  

The True service to God and Guru is to try to understand their words and ideas, to reflect meditate upon them and strive ones best to live up to them. The Guru’s joy is not in worshiping him but in one living his thoughts.

Short History of Sivayogaswami Thiruvadinilayam

The Sivayogaswami Trust of sri Lanka was created by late Dr.Sanmugasundaran, an ardent devotee of Sivayogaswmi, in 1993 for the sole purpose of establishing a center for our Paramaguru Sivayogaswami in Colombo . The Meditation Hall constructed by the Trust is named as SIVAYOGASWAMI THIRUVADINILAYAM AFTER OUR GURU SIVAYOGASWAMI. This building consists of a meditation hall, an office,library and a book shop for the benefit the devotees of Sivayogaswami and other Hindus living in and around colombo in addition to a hall on the ground floor for conducting classes for the needy children. Prayer meetings are conducted regularly in Meditation Hall and in particular on the day of ayiliya . This Center is also used to propagate the teachings of sivayogaswami in Sri Lanka and other countries.

Sivayogaswami Trust of Sri Lanka purchased the land on which the Center stands now with money donated by devotees of Sivayogaswami and other well wishers . By the grace of the God and with the blessings of Sivayogaswami we could complete the construction of the building within a short period. This was made possible by the generous contributions made by devotees of our Swmi. Mr.M.Thiruchelvam to whom the Trust handed over the construction work of the building was good enough to construct the building beautifully, quickly and efficiently to our satisfaction. Sivayogaswami Thiruvadinilayam now stands tall in Colombo as the only hall of this nature as a meditation hall with spiritual vibration for the benefit of young and old aspirants eager to follow the teachings of Sivayogaswamii and realize their true self.

The Sivayogaswami Thiruvadinilayam was ceremoniously opened in August 2016 by the present Guru Sannidhanam of Hawai Saiva Adheenam Satguru Bodhinatha Veylan Swami (successor of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniya swami). 

The beautiful statue of Paramaguru Sivayogaswami, made of marble, adorning the hall on a pedestal, was gifted to us by a close devotee of Sivayogaswami who got it made for us in Rajastan,India. We understand that he made several trips to Rajastan to make sure that the statue is made to perfection. In addition the Holly Ash collected from the place Swami was cremated is kept under the statue in a brass container. The Holy Ash was kept safe by a devotee living in Canada and was brought to the Thiruvadi Nilayam on the day the statue was enshrined.

The Meditation Hall is kept opened in the mornings from 8.30 to 10.30 and in the evenings from 4.30 to 6.30 for the benefit of the devotees visiting the center.